Priyanka Gandhi Lashes Out After Scindia Joins BJP; Accuses PM, Raises Markets and COVID-19


Congress leader Priyanka Vadra has stepped up its attack on the central government after the domestic stock market crashed on Thursday morning. The Congress leader while attacking the Centre also referred to Jyotiraditya Scindia’s exit and Madhya Pradesh government’s possible collapse in a sarcastic remark in her tweet.  

“Sensex has tumbled down. The WHO has declared the coronavirus a pandemic. There is chaos among people. If the Prime Minister who is skilled in the PR stunts has got any free time from toppling the elected government, then please speak on this subject which is necessary for the country,” Priyanka Vadra tweeted.

After March 9, the nation witnessed another black day after markets opened on Thursday. The market continued to nosedive further with BSE Sensex nosediving over 2450 points and Nifty dropped by 734 points as the day proceeded. The market mayhem continued due to the outbreak of Coronavirus which has affected the markets across the world, hinting of a possible global recession. World Health Organisation has declared Coronavirus a pandemic. Analysts have stated that there is heightened volatility in global markets amid concerns over the rapidly-spreading coronavirus and sinking crude prices with them intending to sell-off. Several core sectors led by financial, metal and energy stocks have been hit. The fear of the virus has disrupted business supply chains, while the number of positive cases has gone above 120,000 across the world. Last week Moody’s estimated that coronavirus has increased the risk of a global recession as advanced countries United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Britain, and Korea battle the virus. Analysts have said that as China is the largest supplier of raw materials and manufacturing hub for different industries – core industries like automobiles, metal and pharmaceuticals’ trade have been brought to a standstill due to China closing off its borders.

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