Janta Curfew: Why clanging pots from balconies gave me goosebumps and hope | Opinion


Like a conscientious citizen, I too spent Sunday locked up inside my house amidst the Janta Curfew call by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Not one of the usual sounds – vehicles honking on the road, vendors calling out, children playing loudly -were to be heard. And from my balcony, not a soul was to be seen. It was as if the whole area had retired to their homes and gone to bed. When the sparrows crooned from a nearby tree, it made me feel one with nature for a while.

The silence lasted till 4:40 pm because that was when I began to hear growing noises from outside.

It began slowly with a few stray utensils clanging and some clapping but steadily grew into a thunder of banging utensils, blowing of conch shells and ringing of bells.

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