Flipkart Temporarily Suspends Services, Amazon Says No To Non-Essential Sales As India


Flipkart became the first major e-commerce website to suspend its services during the 21-day coronavirus lockdown on Wednesday. While the home ministry’s order had clearly listed the e-commerce sites as part of essential services, the decision be Flipkart may come as shocker for some. There have been reports that those into the home delievry services have complained about the police and local authorities harassing the staff. In a notice on its website, Flipkart said: “Hello Fellow Indians, We are temporarily suspending our services. Your needs have always been our priority, and our promise is that we will be back to serve you, as soon as possible. These are difficult times, times like no other. Never before, have communities stayed apart to stay safe! Never before, has being at home meant helping the nation. we urge you to stay home to stay safe! We will get there. And we will get through. Together.”

E-retail giant Amazon is tweaking its sales strategy. Instead of suspending the entire services, Amazon is prioritising the items. The new sale formula has already been in force in the US. Now, anybody in India trying to place an order on Amazon will get a message about purchase prirority. “To serve customers’ most urgent needs while also ensuring safety of our associates, we are prioritizing all our reseorces to serve products that are currently high priority for customers. Other products are temporrarily unavailable for purchase,” Amazon said on the website. Other major companies such as Supr, Milk Basket and Big Basket have also suspended their home delievery services.

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